​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Educational tests presented by the center, are considered the most important tests that are being developed, and they consist of two sections : The verbal and the  quantitative. These tests focus on student's analytical and deductive skills, in order to help them assess their learning capacity.

Language tests, are the second type of tests provided by the center, it includes: English language efficiency test, and the Arabic language test for non-native speakers, the center also presents a measure giftedness and creativity, and vocational tests, the most important of which: Vocational Standards Test for Teachers.

The test developing process goes through a number of steps, which  includes theoretical and practical aspects. After the tests are formulated, they are subjected to examinations and testing through a specialized arbitrary committee, and prior to the final approval, the tests are revised by a specialized committee, that consists of four experts.​


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