Learning outcomes assessment in higher education

​​The NCA has implemented a national project to measure the learning outcomes of higher education academic programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The Ministry was keen on enhancing the quality of educational outcomes and ensuring the compatibility of the graduates of scientific and vocational programs to the requirements of their scientific degrees as well as job-market requirements. To accomplish these goals, the higher education learning outcomes standardized tests project was launched with the purpose of enhancing the quality of the national higher education outcome. The project comprises two components. The first component involves the preparation of learning outcomes and the criteria upon which the standardized tests are created, while the second component is the preparation of the standardized tests.

The 1st phase of the project ended with introducing education and tests outcomes for 7 engineering majors, followed by the 2nd phase including 21 university majors at the beginning of the month of Rajab 1435H.


To Contribute enhancing the quality of educational outcomes and ensuring that graduates  scientific and skill programs meet the requirements of the scientific degree by measuring the education outcomes using a high-level of objectivity and credibility assessment tools based on the latest international trends criteria.

Project importance :

This project derives its importance from its association with developing education and raising its level to keep pace with international education levels.

Project Objectives:

The project aims to achieve a number of goals, the most important of which are:

Project outcomes:

  • Reviewing the literature and practices of education programs quality and their outcomes standards.
  • Setting standards for general abilities and skills as well as the standards for measuring specialized learning outcomes, dimensions and indicators.
  • Preparing and implementing general abilities, skills and specialty tests for graduates.
  • Analyzing data and issuing results periodically.

Preparing and developing reports at the level of each university, college, department, and at the level of universities together in similar specialties and providing them to the Ministry of Higher Education periodically.

  • Setting detailed standards for higher education learning outcomes
  • Contributing to the development of scientific programs in Saudi universities
  • Providing necessary tools and tests to measure the higher education learning outcomes
  • Providing precise indicators of higher education learning outcomes
  • Attaining  a general framework for higher education learning outcomes standards and indicators

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