Resilience Scale


Welcome to the NCA’s Social Responsibility website for measuring social aspects. This scale helps measure your ability to overcome life obstacles providing you relevant feedback based on your score. The feedback will enable you to acquire certain abilities and adopt them as a way of life.  

The ability to recover quickly from life’s obstacles and failure, as well as the ability to address life’s challenges and undesirable circumstances efficiently are among the most important skills that help you achieve your goals and keep working hard, in addition to not being affected by the negative events of life. This scale addresses “Resilience”, a psychological concept that is defined as an individual’s ability to overcome pitfalls and unwanted events and return stronger than before. This is measured by an individual’s ability to recover—both mentally and physically—from tragedy or disaster. It is also measured by the level of maturity an individual exhibits through the implementation of effective coping strategies to deal with such adversity and difficulties.
The scale addresses the following aspects:
  • The rate of recovery from pitfalls and its consequences
  • The manner of coping with failure and difficulties
  • Personal attributes
  • Mindset
  • Emotional strength
  • Spiritual strength
  • Social competence
  • Social support networks

Target age groups:
 13 – 30 ​
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