Career-Orientations Scale

Many students are puzzled when they reach the stage of choosing the appropriate educational path upon which their career path is built.

It is the first fateful decision facing them, which will have a significant impact on their future and their lives. Therefore, we have developed this measure (Career-Orientations Scale) in order to help them to identify their career orientation and determine the appropriate educational and professional path.

Career-Orientations Scale aims at assisting the beneficiary in knowing his/her professional orientations, making it easier for him/her to choose his or her academic and professional specialization in the future. 


Targeted Groups:

Students in high school and university.


  • To assist in directing and guiding students in high school and job seekers to the appropriate and suitable working environment for them per their orientation and mental aptitudes.
  • To contribute effectively to not wasting human and material potential of our beloved country​

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