School Accreditation

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Granting the Excellence Award to outstanding public schools
  • Granting accreditation certificates to private and international schools
  • Developing evaluation and follow-up programs for excellent and accredited schools
  • Providing consultations related to school excellence and accreditation
  • Exchanging expertise and establishing  procedures to collaborate with similar international entities
  • Developing regulations for national and international accreditation entities
  • Licensing national and international accreditation entities 
  • Classifying schools in the Kingdom on an annual basis
  • Issuing annual reports on the quality of schools​


  • Regulations for the classification of excellent public schools
  • Accreditations of public and international schools
  • Licensing regulations for national and international accreditation bodies
  • Regular reports on the accreditation and classification of private and international schools

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