Accreditation of Military Training Institutions

Eligibility requirements:

In order for a military training institution to be awarded accreditation by the Technical Committee for Military Accreditation, such institution must prepare comprehensive and thorough evaluative self-study reports that cover all aspects of training, as well as all field, administrative, and service activities to determine quality levels at the institution based on the standards prepared by the Committee. In addition, the training institution must undergo external evaluation by an independent evaluation team to verify the results of the evaluative self-study and issue judgements on quality levels based on the standards of the Technical Committee for Military Accreditation. Accordingly, military training institutions that wish to apply for training accreditation from the Technical Committee for Military Accreditation must fulfil the following eligibility requirements:​

  • The training institution must have existed for a sufficient period of time to have at least one group of graduates.
  • The institution's strategic plan, operational plans, and achievement reports.
  • The institution's organizational handbook which includes its policies and procedures, organizational chart, tasks and responsibilities, and job descriptions.
  • Specifications for the training programs offered.
  • The internal quality assurance system handbook.
  • Self-study report.

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