Accreditation of Military Education Institutions

Eligibility requirements:

Military education and training institutions that wish to apply for institutional accreditation from the Technical Committee for Military Accreditation must fulfil the following eligibility requirements:​

  • The institution's strategic plan, operational plans, and achievement reports.
  • The institution's organizational handbook which includes its policies and procedures, organizational chart, tasks and responsibilities, and job descriptions.
  • Student, faculty (civil and military), and employee handbooks, regulations, and bylaws.
  • Specifications of the academic and training programs offered by the institution, using the required forms.
  • Specifications of the courses offered by the academic and training programs at the institution, using the required forms.
  • The quality assurance system (including the quality of teaching and learning) and its performance reports.
  • KPIs and benchmarks.
  • Performance reports for scientific research and community service activities during the last two years.
  • The institution's self-study report with supporting evidence.​

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