Education and Training Evaluation Commission, in c

Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE), carries out the National Tests (NAFS), as one of the main tracks of The National Assessment For Schools (NAFS). It will be the first time in Saudi Arabia to implement such nationwide tests that cover all primary and Middle schools (around 20k schools and around 500k participating students). ETEC has announced that the National Tests (NAFS) will be implemented annually to assess educational achievement of students in primary and Middle schools. Such a nationwide assessment provides reliable data to support decision-making and motivate competition and excellence among schools and education offices and directorates. It will also provide accurate measurement for some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Human Capability Development Program (one of the Vision 2030 programs). 


Following best international practices, the National Tests (NAFS) will take place prior to the end of each school year. A representative sample of the 6th and 9th graders at each school (public, private, or international) will take a designed test covering three domains of the national curriculum (Reading, Math, and Science). In addition, a representative sample of the 3rd graders in a set of primary schools, that will be selected randomly, will be tested in order to assess learning outcomes in math and reading at the national level as well as at the education directorate level for early school levels. Ninth grade students will be tested on June 5th-8th, whereas primary school students (grades 3 and 6) will be tested on June 9th-14th. In addition to answering the test questions, participating students will be asked to complete a questionnaire attached to the test booklet. There are also questionnaires to be answered by school principals as well as teachers and parents of the participating students.  


The National Tests (NAFS) come​ as a result of the joint effort and continuous collaboration between ETEC and MoE to raise the quality of education in the Kingdom in alignment with Vision-2030 and the Human Capability Development Program to prepare globally competitive citizens. Results of the National Tests will be published in ETEC platforms, including Tarteeb's, to promote positive competition and motivate excellence in education, as well as to help parents to know how schools of their kids are performing.


Both ETEC and MoE are looking forward to the contribution of the interested parties in the National Tests, and expect educators, parents, and students to cooperate for a successful implementation, to realize the national goals of enhancing teaching and learning, improving school performance, and promoting efficiency of the education system.​​​




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