ETEC – ICESCO International Webinar​  ​


International Conference on Education & Training Evaluation 2020 (Improving Learning Outcomes and Supporting Economic Growth)


Arabic Language Seminar​

In 1421 AH, the National Center for Measurement and Assessment in Higher Education was established as a non-profitable independent educational institution specializing in measurement and assessment. The establishment of such an entity was meant to achieve a number of goals and most importantly to develop accurate scientific tools that can be used as standards for admission in institutions of higher education in addition to the high school diploma. In this regard, the Center introduced its best product, in 1423 AH, namely the General Aptitude Test (GAT) followed by another test, in 1424 AH, that measured the academic achievement of high school graduates to serve as a third standard for university admission. Afterwards, a number of educational, linguistic and professional tests were developed.​​

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