Research And Studies

​​The ​Scientific Research Went Hand-In-Hand With The Test Industry In The National Center For Measurement Since The Beginning. The Preparation Of Each Test Is Followed By A System Of Analysis At The Level Of Each Item And At The Level Of The Test In General In Order To Determine The Psychometric Characteristics Of Each Level And To Learn About The Tested Individuals In General, Or According To The Demographic Characteristics, The Educational Characteristics Or Else. Concerned Parties Are Provided By Preliminary Recommendations Whether Internally Or Externally, Based On The Analysis Results. The Center Performs Necessary Continuous Development For Its Products. Most Of The Studies Are Practical Or Procedural Researches [Or What Is Known As Action Research].

There Are Other Researches That Aim, Besides Solving Issues Related To Their Fields, At Contributing To The Accumulated Knowledge In Its Own Field, Which The Specialization Community As Well As The Community At Large Are Keen To Learn About Their Results As Well. On This Page, We Shall Publish In A Series, Studies And Researches That Pass The Arbitration. These Are Studies Either Ordered By The Center, Or Else, By Other Cooperating Agencies In Both Arabic And English Languages.​

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