ETEC: Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques and

In completion to its commitment to the precautionary measures guided by the state in pertaining to controlling the spread of COVID-19, ETEC announced, through its official social media channels, the mechanism of administering SAAT remotely according to the international criteria and standards in Shawwal 1441H.  

Furthermore, student will have access to SAAT through an independent platform used in many countries of the world which has proven its effectiveness, efficiency and ability to absorb large numbers of highly sensitive tests. students identity will be verified through a number of procedures including reviewing the national identity and a recent photo taken directly upon completion of registration procedures, in addition to updating and verifying the personal email of students. It is worth mentioning that the disconnection  of the internet during performing the test will not affect the progress of the test and details of the remotely administered test procedures will be sent to the personal email of testees.

ETEC introduced  an obligatory experimental version of remotely administered SAAT for all testees in the 6th of Shawwal 1441H which helps them to get familiar with the nature of test before the actual administration. As for ensuring fairness in the results, tests will be remotely administered using technical monitoring tools for the similar testing environment, in addition to human monitoring and review during and after the test.

It is worth mentioning that some curricula of the 3rd secondary school – 2nd  semester are excluded from SAAT ( science and art ) which are as the following:

SAAT – science : Biology3, Ecology, Chemistry4, Physic4, Math6) ( Biology5, Biology6, Chemestry6, physci6, Math6 as for semesters)

SAAT – art-female:

Fiqh6, Grammar6, Litreature6, Histoy6

ETEC works continuously to provide all tests and scales through remote evaluation platforms, whether those required for university admission or for obtaining professional licenses in various fields, considering that the challenges imposed by this pandemic is a motivation to complete the digital transformation system to be a permanent support in providing services to beneficiaries. 

ETEC is an independent government affiliate entrusted with evaluating education and training in the Kingdom. Furthermore, in light of its competence in preparing and organizing admission tests following the recommendations of OECD, ETEC applied the approach of a number of educational systems in the countries of G20 led by the Kingdom in administering sensitive tests remotely in light of the Corona virus pandemic in addition to providing all capabilities to achieve fairness and credibility in this type of tests. ETEC concluded its statement saying that SAAT aims to achieve fairness and equal opportunities among students as well as assisting universities and colleges in selection processes to raise the efficiency of education..



ETEC intends to administer Qiyas tests remotely if the precautionary measures for COVID-19 remain until the month of SHAWWAL. Which of the following tests matter to you: