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Main Tasks
Mission Vision And Goals
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Technical Committee for Military Accreditation
Products and Services
University Admission Tests
General Aptitude Test (GAT)
Academic Achievement Test For Scientific Specializations
Scholastic Achievement Admission Test ( Arts) - Females
Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test (PGAT)
General Aptitude Test in (E_GAT)
Academic Acceleration Test
Adaptive Aptitude Test
English Proficiency Test (EPT)
King Fahad Security College Academy Test
King Khalid Military Academy’s test
National Project For Gifted Identification
Learning outcomes assessment in higher education
Language Tests
Standardized Test of Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of Other Languages
Standardized Test of English Proficiency (STEP)
Educational Test
Formative tests
My Ability Test
National Assessment Program
National Exams
International Assessment
International Assessment :TIMSS
International Assessment (PISA)
International Assessment :PIRLS
Survey Studies (TALIS)
National Project for Identifying Giftedness and Creativity
Identifying Giftedness And Creativity Tests
Individual IQ Tests
National History Olympiad
Professional Tests
Educational Supervision Test
School Leaders Test
Teacher Competencies Tests
student Advisor Test
Tourist Guide Test (general and regional)
Provincial Tour Guide License Test
Cognitive Ability Test
Field Workers Performance Competence Scale
Professional Engineer Test
Public Prosecution Test
School Leaders Test
Student Counseling Test
Test for Engineering and Architecture Fundamentals
الاستعداد للاختبار
التسجيل في الاختبار
عن الاختبار
في يوم الاختبار
الجدول الزمني
نموذج الاستفسارات
الأسئلة المتكررة
Test of the General Presidency of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vices
اختبار المقيمين العقاريين
Community Standards
Marriage Preparedness Scale
Career-Orientations Scale
Positive Youth Development Scale
Youths’ Life Satisfaction Scale
Resilience Scale
Learning Style Scale
Exams Information
Questions preparation Steps
Computerized Exams
Computarized Exams Locations
Academic Accreditation Policies
Institutional Accreditation
Steps For Institutional Accreditation
Requirements for institutional accreditation
Institutional Accreditation forms
Institutional Accreditation Standards 2018
SaudiMED Framework
Program Accreditation
Steps For Program Accreditation
Program Accreditation Requirements
Program Accreditation forms
Postgraduate Programs Accreditation forms
Program Accreditation Standards 2018
Program Accreditation Standards 2009
Accreditation of Medical Programs
Accreditation of Medical Programs
Academic Accreditation Standards For E-Learning And Distance Education Institutions And Programs
International Accreditation
International Accreditation
Requirements for applying for international accreditation
Procedures to apply for international accreditation
Criteria for selecting an international accreditation monitor
Academic Accreditation Results
Accredited Institutions
Accredited Programs
Academic Accreditation For Teaching Arabic To Speakers Of Other Languages’ Centers And Programs
School Assessment
School Accreditation
Curricula Evaluation
National Framework For Public Education Curricula Standards In Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Evaluation and accreditation
The National Marqab for Training Quality
Services and Consultations
Exam Timetable
Data and Reports
Research Studies
Specialized Technical Reports
Reports and Statistical Summaries
Published Researches
Scientific events
Lectures And Workshops
ETEC – ICESCO International Webinar
Webinar Program
International Conference on Education & Training Evaluation 2020 (Improving Learning Outcomes and Supporting Economic Growth)
Arabic Seminar
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