President of ETEC Discusses the Results of Achievement Tests for the Alumni of Saudi Universities


HE President of ETEC, Dr. Husam Zaman discussed the results of Achievement Tests for the Alumni of Saudi Universities in the “University Leaders Meeting" held at Princess Norah University Saturday morning, Feb 8, 2020 in Riyadh. The meeting was attended by HE Dr. Hamad Al-Shaikh, Education Minister, and a number of directors and assistants of public and private universities.


During the meeting, HE Dr. Zaman spoke about the results of university graduates in professional tests, learning outcomes, and the results of university students in the following tests: Teacher Competencies, Higher Education Outcomes, Cognitive Ability, and Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test.

HE President of ETEC stated the number of applicants to the Teacher Competency test, number of majors chosen by students of public universities, and the levels of local universities in each of the scientific and literary majors in this test. HE also reviewed the aspects measured by the Higher Education Outcomes Test; first, general outcomes: interactive skills, personal skills, data processing skills, communication skills, technical skills, analytical skills; second, specialized outcomes: engineering, humanitarian, administrative, and social outcomes along with other specializations covered by this test.

HE concluded his speech by explaining the objectives and targeted group of the Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test and he also reviewed the average performance of both public and private universities.​

HE President of ETEC participation in this meeting reflects the efforts made by ETEC in promoting, spreading and achieving quality and it also supports the value of exchanging expertise in the scientific and academic fields which contributes to improving the higher education performance and outcomes in line with KSA 2030 Vision. 

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