ETEC: AI and TM monitored all irregularities and we will reveal them with the results announcement


​​ETEC pronounced the percentage of remote SAAT testees compared to the testees in computerized sites where the number reached more than 203 thousand students, with a raise and completion rate of 92%, and the number of people who missed the test remotely or faced technical problems 16,207 students (8%).

Furthermore, the number of SAAT applicants, which was conducted on 16-17 Shawal 1441H corresponding to 8-9 June 2020G, reached 16082 students for the first two days in where 13681 (85%) were able to take the test at the sites while 2401 (15%) could not attend to the sites because of absence or being unable to implement technical instructions.

ETEC explained that cheating phenomenon is expected in each test. Also, it mentioned that  all irregularities monitored by AI and TM system will be revealed  with the results announcement with appropriate punishment according to the regulations.

ETEC pointed out that remote tests were not only a solution to an emergency problem in the light of COVID-19 , but was a strategic Saudi pioneering choice which has proven its efficiency. It is worth noting that some Arab and foreign countries reached out to ETEC to learn about the initiative and the factors of its success. Also, ETEC will later hold a virtual symposium for national, regional and international experts to review aspects of the initiative.​

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