ETEC President participates in Asbar Forum


His Excellency President of ETEC Dr. Hossam bin Abdul Wahab Zaman participated yesterday evening Sunday, February 9, 2020 in Asbar Forum organized by Asbar Center for Studies, Research and Media at ETEC headquarters in Riyadh.

His Excellency President of ETEC asserted that bringing together all agencies concerned with measurement, evaluation and accreditation under one umbrella  and the establishment of ETEC was a well-thought decision and consistent with the directives of the higher authorities. ETEC, he added, endeavors to promote cooperation and complementary work among those agencies. 

His Excellency also pointed out that ETEC is working to improve the measurement, evaluation and accreditation processes, and to ensure their accuracy and safety, in addition to assisting researchers and specialists inside and outside ETEC to obtain sound results, while realizing that the ultimate goal of evaluation of education and training is development.

HE Dr. Hossam Zaman asserted the educational institutions’ need to develop the ability to accept the results of measurement and evaluation and benefit from them in our strive for excellence. We ought to overcome the challenges of data merging, define the relationship with beneficiaries, and protect the independence of the measurement and evaluation processes

He concluded by referring to ETEC ‘s efforts in preparing criteria for classification of universities based on the output of the evaluation data. we are committed, he asserted, towards publishing and sharing the results of the measurement and evaluation with the community in general and with the educational institutions in order for all of us to shoulder the responsibility for development and work in harmony. 

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