ETEC Issues Training Certificates to Military Personnel


HE Dr. Husam Zaman, ETEC President, granted attendance certificates to those who attended the training courses organized by ETEC at its headquarters in Riyadh.

In the meeting, which was held last Monday evening the 3rd of February, Dr. Zaman granted certificates to 61 trainees from among military personnel and staff who had completed the training programs and workshops organized by ETEC.

The training programs included 30 hours of intensive workshops and training sessions with an average of 5 hours of training per day. These sessions touched upon three main aspects in quality assurance. The first workshop was titled “Establishing an Internal Quality Assurance System”, while the second was titled “Quality Assurance Standards and Institutional Accreditation in Military Institutions and their Requirements”, and the third workshop was titled “Quality Assurance Standards and Program Accreditation in Military Programs and their Requirements”.

These workshops are among a series of training programs and courses which were attended by 369 members of the military personnel and staff at different military and security entities. These training programs are considered to be foundation courses before further training courses are held. Those who complete the training programs are expected to be aware of the key concepts and main requirements of quality systems, in addition to relevant terminology and definitions. They also should be capable of distinguishing between quality in the domains of education and training and quality in other fields. Further, they should adopt the culture of quality and realize its significance and impact, which makes them capable of spreading such awareness in a manner that positively contributes to the educational and training process and its continuous development. 

The training courses aim to raise awareness of the importance of institutional and program accreditation, as well as the goals, procedures, and requirements of each in military education in training. They also serve to qualify trainees for another series of training programs and workshops that address more in-depth and specialized concepts, in addition to developing the skills of participants in many important practical areas so that trainees attain an appropriate level of competence that qualifies them to execute and oversee all the aspects of quality and institutional and program accreditation at military institutions.

ETEC will soon start accepting institutional and program accreditation applications from military institutions, which will help improve the quality of military education and training and contribute to the achievement of Saudi Vision 2030 and the development goals.​​

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