About the Center

The National Center for Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education was established pursuant to the High Order issued on the 19th of Jumad I 1421H. The Center was established to carry out standardized tests to measure academic achievement among students applying for admission to universities. On the 30th of Rajab 1437H, a Royal Decree was issued to transform the “Education Evaluation Commission" to the “Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC)". The Decree also entailed that any tasks and responsibilities related to assessment and evaluation in public and private, general and higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia be transferred to ETEC, in addition to placing several centers and sectors under its supervision, including the Center with its new name the “National Center for Assessment".

The Center has defined its vision, mission, and goals in a manner that guides its programs in terms of the preparation of academic and professional scales which are characterized by fairness and efficiency, in addition to attaining international leadership in the preparation of educational and professional tests and scales.

The Center has technical, language, and professional departments. These departments are responsible for preparing tests and scales, with the assistance of the Center's supporting departments. The Center also created an organizational structure that clearly illustrates its decision-making process.

Since its inception, the Center has achieved several significant accomplishments in the creation of scales and tests in different educational and professional fields. These accomplishments have been published in annual reports that reflect the Center's policy which is built on objectivity, transparency, and maintaining communication with stakeholders.

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