About the Center

The National Center for Assessment and School Excellence, an ETEC affiliate, is in charge of overseeing developments in educational outputs, as well as improving evaluation methods and educational environments to foster creativity and innovation and promote the educational system's capacity to meet developmental needs and labor market requirements.

Scope of Work:

  • Evaluating public schools and promoting excellence
  • Accrediting private and international schools
  • Developing standards for general education curricula
  • Evaluating general education curricula and educational programs​


  • Promoting the culture of standard-based evaluation and school excellence in general education schools in the Kingdom
  • Evaluating public schools and accrediting private and international schools, and enabling them to pursue continuous development to ensure the quality of their performance
  • Measuring school performance and ensuring the efficiency and capacity of schools in meeting developmental and social needs, in addition to identifying their strengths and areas of improvement
  • Evaluating curricula in light of the national standards for general education curricula
  • Building a comprehensive data base to keep track of the performance of different types of school systems, which helps develop educational policies and effectively manage the educational system
  • Licensing individuals to perform evaluation tasks
  • Licensing national and international bodies that are concerned with school accreditation


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