About The Center

Masar, an ETEC affiliate, is a regulatory body that is in charge of evaluation and accreditation in the training sector with the goal of enhancing the quality of training by adopting specific frameworks and standards to ensure training establishments meet labor market needs and the aspirations of the society, as well as those of the Kingdom's leadership.


Council of Ministers Resolution No. 108 was issued on 14/2/1440H approving ETEC's statute which specifies the Commission's scope of work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of evaluating, assessing, and accrediting education and training to improve their quality and efficiency, as well as their contribution to the economy and national development. ETEC's responsibilities include evaluating institutional performance at education and training institutions and accrediting these institutions regularly in accordance with the standards approved by the Commission's Board of Directors. Furthermore, in light of  ETEC's commitment to the realization of Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program, in a manner that enhances the quality and reliability of training in the Kingdom to meet the ever-increasing needs of the labor market and compete with accredited training in advanced countries, ETEC's Board of Directors, in its 4th meeting on 6/2/1439H (corresponding to 16/10/2017), issued a decision to establish the National Center for Training Evaluation and Accreditation “Masar" to provide accreditation services to public and private training institutions​​​

 Vision And Mission


To become a leading Center in enhancing the efficiency and outcomes of training.


Developing training and enhancing its quality by registering training institutions and accrediting them, both at institution and program levels, in line with international best practices​.

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